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This is the code that generates my personal website
The content inside sources is not free to use, it’s the content of my personal website. Please don’t use my writing, pictures, layout, or other content without asking me first. I’m only making this repo public so people can see how the website was built, and use the same tools for their own websites. If you choose to fork this repo, please make sure you’ve changed or removed the content within the sources folder before making it public, thanks!

Everything outside of the sourcesfolder is pretty much a free-for-all, if you want to use my tools to build your own website, have fun!
I’m not expecting to provide any support outside of this readme, since this is just a bespoke tool for my personal use. Read this page if you want to know more about why I build my website this way.

To run this tool, you’ll need node.js, I’m using v10.0.0, but I’m fairly sure it’ll work with any version after that too.
To install all the plugins, you’ll need to do npm install inside the root folder and let it do its thing.
Once all the plugins are set up, run npm start and leave the program running while you edit the website. The website will be generated and appear in a folder named build each time you save a file inside sources. You can view the website you’re editing at http://localhost:3000

The builder will take all the markdown in sources/markdown/out and compile it to html files. If there’s a YAML block at the end of a markdown file, the builder will use the title string and tags array to inform the html title and the site map.
sources/pug/layout.pug describes the layout of each article, written in pugjs. The [[dots]] and [[markdown]] tags are custom extensions that enable the builder to drop in strings as needed
The sources/public folder is copied over to build. Any images will also have a minified version generated, 700 pixels wide and jpg compressed, with the file extension set to .700w.jpg.